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Complimentary Case Evaluation

If you're considering a San Diego business lawsuit, or have been sued, we are happy to discuss your options at no cost.

All We Do Is Litigation - Focusing Exclusively on Fraud, Breach of Contract, Corporate & Partnership Disputes, and Trade Secret Lawsuits

Like most San Diego people and businesses, you enter into business deals and other consumer transactions to benefit from a win-win situation. Contracts and business deals are the backbone of business.

But, what happens when things go wrong?  Our aggressive business litigators fight for businesses and individuals, as both plaintiffs and defendants, and we vigorously pursue their rights in court. 

Our boutique business litigation firm takes your case personally, our attorneys are available 24/7, and we develop bonds over and above an attorney-client relationship.  

We do this in the following types of cases:

San Diego Fraud Lawsuits

There is a lot of "he said / she said" when business dealings go awry.  When things do not go as planned, it is often because a party falsified or omitted facts back when the deal originated, especially with start-up businesses needing capital and investors.  Of course, sometimes the accusations are without merit.  

We aggressively prosecute and defend claims based on:

An important thing to remember is that just one single misrepresentation or concealment can support a fraud lawsuit.  So, even if everything else was true or disclosed, there is potential fraud liability.

The moment that you suspect a problem is the time to enlist the help of a fraud lawyer.  The more you wait, the greater the chance of lost evidence, money moving hands, and fading memories – all which can hurt a potentially meritorious lawsuit.  If you have been sued for fraud, you must respond in time and properly -- we will do so vigorously. 

San Diego Breach of Contract Lawsuits

People and businesses breach contracts for a variety of reasons.  Often times, the reason is simple: someone doesn't like the deal anymore or feel like paying. Other times, it is much more complicated, such as when both parties accuse each other of breach, or unexpected events make performing the contract more difficult.  Of course, there are defenses to breaching an agreement and not every dispute qualifies as a breach.

Our business attorneys aggressively prosecute and defend businesses and individuals in many contract disputes, such as:

Keep in mind that contracts may be written, oral, or even implied by conduct.  However, contracts not in writing have shorter statutes of limitation.  The moment you suspect a breach (or are sued for breach of contract) is the time to call an attorney.  

If you have been sued in a San Diego contract case, you must respond -- and we will vigorously defend you. 

San Diego Shareholder & Partnership Lawsuits

Corporations and the shareholders (and partnerships and the partners) often run into conflict.  Many players have invested time and money into a company, there are often contrasting visions, and - sometimes - there are just bad apples. 

If your time and money are in jeopardy because of the officers, directors, majority shareholders, or partners in your business, it may be time to contact an attorney to protect your rights (and money).  If you have been sued, it is most certainly time to contact a business litigator for a vigorous defense.

We aggressively prosecute and defend companies (and their leaders) in disputes regarding: 

San Diego Trade Secret Misappropriation

We also aggressively prosecute and defend trade secret misappropriation lawsuits. 

Don't allow other to steal your special knowledge or abilities.  We protect people and businesses with valuable, private information.  We file lawsuits to gain money damages and injunctions when our clients' commercial edge is threatened by trade secret theft.  

Our ability to prosecute trade secrets lawsuits allows us to successfully defend them.   Former employers and business partners regularly threaten these lawsuits to intimidate and curtail rightful competition.  They often pretend California non-compete agreements are enforceable (they are hardly ever).  If you have been sued in a San Diego trade secrets case, we will vigorously defend you. 

Complimentary Case Evaluation

For a complimentary case evaluation concerning a San Diego lawsuit, contact The O’Brien Law Firm today at 888.690.6086, fill out the online form, or use the website chat function.

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